Shoes and Transforming Lives

Veteran to Newcomer, Page to Stage

How?  We empower women by teaching advanced English writing skills. We follow it with voice training and experience in public performance. 

What?  The Shoe Project holds writing workshops, exhibits and performances in which immigrant women tell their stories of arrival in, and adaptation to, a Canadian community through the lens of a pair of shoes.
Who?  Senior Canadian novelists and theatre artists share their skills with newcomers.
Why shoes?  Shoes cross cultures and are rich with stories.
Can you contribute? Yes:

News and Events


The Shoe Project is hiring!

View the job description for the new position of Executive Director.

Congratulations to the twelve Shoe Project participants for their moving performances in the November 7 and 9 Toronto performances of Where is Peace?

... the Shoe Project pulled me deep into immigrants’ and refugees’ stories  Timson, the Toronto Star

"Women share their migrating experiences with the help of shoes"  Kaitlin Jingco, Canadian Immigrant

Check out The Shoe Project Facebook page for photos of the event!

The Shoe Project Performance in Halifax

On September 15 and 17, 2017 Halifax's immigrant and refugee women shared the stories of their journeys to Canada. For photos, check our Facebook page.

View the video from the September 17 performance on the Shoe Project YouTube Channel.

Meet our Members

We are pleased to introduce Mariana Rocha.

Q: What do you like the best about Canada?
What I love the best about Canada is that people still seem to care. People can not only voice their opinions but most importantly, be heard and be taken into consideration! Where dreams and hopes can still be built upon. 

Learn more about our featured member and read her story.